Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a significant problem in Houston, Texas and the world. Young adults and children are recruited into human trafficking daily – often without their knowledge or consent. Most people do not realize this. When they see a person involved in labor trafficking, prostitution, pornography, or other commercial forms of selling sex or forced labor, they often assume the person is there by choice. The truth is, most of the individuals involved in these industries been coerced, threatened, or forced into it.

When people hear the term “human trafficking,” most would like to do something, but they don’t know what to do. They become afraid, overwhelmed, or just unsure of how to help. Learning more about human trafficking helps those outside of it to gain better understanding of the process, signs, and schemes in order to help keep their families and communities safe.

Deeper Love International saves lives from human trafficking through prevention and awareness. We offer seminars, consulting, and recovery helps. We also offer resources for recovery. Find out more on our Resources page.

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