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Human Trafficking and The Superbowl

I spoke on a news channel about human trafficking and the Superbowl on Superbowl Sunday.  That same day, a friend who works for a major airline told me about a human trafficking situation related to the Superbowl.  Her friend was on a flight from Seattle to Houston on Friday morning, just two days before the […]

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Human Trafficking

Magazine Crews

Amanda J. Seymour, Th.M. Deeper Love Amanda’s Story Through the years, young adults have approached me in a grocery store parking lot and asked me to buy a magazine subscription.  Something did not feel right, so I always said no.  One afternoon, a young adult came to my door and asked me to purchase a […]

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Deeper Love

Modeling Scams and Human Trafficking

Amanda J. Seymour, Th.M. Deeper Love Amanda’s Story One day when I was 17, my phone rang and I answered it to find a man and woman on the other line.  “Hi.  We are calling you because you filled out the modeling agency form at the mall and we have selected you to participate in […]

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