Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs to help you grow in love with God, self and others in Christ.  Our programs include retreats + conferences, seminars + training, community events, resources, music, online ministry and spiritual life coaching.

DEEPER LOVE RETREATS – Our renewal retreats teach participants to relate more deeply and fully to God, self, and others in Christ.  We combine relaxation, renewal and relationship growth in Christ to strengthen you in your daily life and challenges.  We address relationship issues and focus on spiritual growth in prayer, the Bible, Christian meditation, and cultivating deeper relationships within our local Christian communities.

EVERYDAY EVANGELISM – Our unique evangelism training program assists believers in incorporating the gospel into every area of their life, teaching them to share the gospel and to live in Christ’s love more fully.  This training equps believers to minister Christ’s love more efficiently and effectively in their own families, communities, and the world.

COMMUNITY CONNECT – Seminars + events on issues of concern to our communities in our present day.  Issues in focus include human trafficking, domestic abuse, unhealthy relationships, and unplanned pregnancy.  We educate on what people need to know about these issues, their cause, how to recognize them, and how to assist in prevention and intervention.  We partner with local ministries to engage in hands-on intervention and collective outreach + missions to bring about love in action in our communities.

THE LOVE MOVEMENT – Online and in-person marketing and social media campaign to spread the love of Jesus Christ and the gospel to people in our everyday life, communities, and the world.

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